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Death Cab For Cutie - The New Year.

HAPPY 2013 #3.

"So this is the New Year, and I don’t feel any different…"

Still a relevant song for 2013 when it was released a decade ago.

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Los Campesinos! - My Year In Lists.

HAPPY 2013 #2.

"On your request, I compile a list of my top five resolutions for this year. I declined ‘cause I decided that I do not believe in the new year anymore."

Can’t have a proper New Years without this song.

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Asobi Seksu - New Years (Acoustic).

HAPPY 2013 #1.

"Candy says 小さい思い出も 忘れないでいてくれた 心のおくから 作り出した昨日のメモリー"

It’s 2013 in Japan, right?


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LCD Soundsystem - Home.


"This is the trick, forget a terrible year, that we can break the laws until it gets weird."

Happy New Year, indie rawkers.


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Stars - Calendar Girl.

How the hell can I forget to post this song during my “Let’s Upload Every Song With New Years, Midnight, or Countdown” on it?

Be grateful you survived 2008: from a shitty economy, to war, to terrorist attacks, to Bush, to the end of Sparks, to another Britney album, to the cancellation of “Pushing Daisies” — you’re alive!


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U2 - New Year’s Day.

Am I a little too late to post this? I’ve been too hungover.

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REQUIRED LISTENING: Dropkick Murphys, ” Auld Lang Syne”


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Third Eye Blind - Losing a Whole Year.

I’m sure most of you are going to lose a whole night as you blackout tonight. Be safe, listen to 3EB.

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The Mountain Goats - This Year.

For Suz the Doctor and Natalie the Traveller. Happy New Yearz.

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The Walkmen - In The New Year.

See? The Walkmen have 10 gazillion songs named for the Holidays.


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Metric - Ending Start.

Let’s end 2008 and start 2009 already: new year, new Presidential Administration, new season of “24,” and hopefully a new Metric album.

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Justice - One Minute to Midnight.

Sure, there are no real words to this song to make it an actual, legitimate New Year’s track, but the title sounds pretty cool.

So dance into the night with Justice.

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Los Campesinos! - My Year in Lists.

On your request, I compile a list
Of my top five resolutions for this year
I declined ‘cause I decided that I
Do not believe in the new year anymore

I, for one, don’t believe in several of the Top Albums of 2008 lists floating around on some of the major publications because Los Campesinos! aren’t on ‘em.


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Atlas Sound - New Years Day.

If you say “Bradford Cox” in the mirror 10 times, he’ll come out and croon you a song.

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Ted Leo And The Pharmacists - Counting Down The Hours.

I’m counting down the hours ‘til you get wasted enough on cheap champagne that you’ll make out with me at midnight.

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